Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'm doing something right!

The IEP is over and done WOOHOO! All around great news about Kendall however every year they suck 4-5 days right out of me. The anticipation leading up to them and then the meltdown after even when it's good news because in all reality if there were no issues with Kendall we weouldn't have an IEP. Seriously, I skipped boot camp and riding yesterday just to have a mental day off....they wipe me right out! Her teacher said all wonderful things about Kendall including how sweet, caring and compassionate. Which leads me to this story:

I came home yesterday and Dan told me he stopped by her school to drop something off for her. While he was there she was out playing for recess. We never really get to see how she does at school because if we volunteer it totally distracts her. Dan finally spotted her on the playground and watched as she played. She was running round and round the playground with a bunch of kids and Kendall was at the back of the line of kids running around. They went around once and a little girl fell down. They went around again and every kid passed the girl who fell and was crying. Kendall spots her, stops, goes up to her to see if she is ok, pats her on the back, runs to the teachers who are talking and don't see what is going on, pats the teacher on the side and says COME COME COME! Teacher follows Kendall to the little girl who fell and is still crying and they help her. All this time not one other kid stopped and they are all still running around. If that is not the most heartwarming thing ever I don't know what is! Seriously, warmed my heart and if we are doing anything right it's, in my eyes, teaching her one of the most important things in life and the thing that so many people are missing these days....COMPASSION!!! I know how compassionate she is but to know she is like that when we aren't around is the BEST FEELING EVER and just made my not so great day yesterday so much brighter!

Friday, February 18, 2011


This one is for the girls/women out there: young, old, short, tall, blonde, brunette, big, small, athletic or not.



"You're so mean when you talk about yourself
You are wrong
Change the voices In your head
Make them like you instead"

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Music To My Ears!

Dear God,

This is going to sound a little strange at first but hang in there it will make sense! Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving Kendall one good ear with just a minor hearing loss. Yes, I'd prefer her to have 2 ears that could hear just like most other people in the world. However, the fact is she has one that is profoundly deaf and there is nothing we can do about it. But the other ear, the good ear, thank you for it. I am so happy that she is able to hear music. That girl LOVES music! Tonight, as we were driving home from dinner, Kendall was happily listening to Billy Joel and singing along quite loudly. That is music to my ears! It makes me laugh and smile! While you can't understand every word, or even every other word for that matter, you know she for sure is singing along to Scenes From An Italian Restaurant by the "whoaoo whoaaooo whaoooooooooooo" which happens to be crystal clear when she is singing!!

Now if you aren't familiar with the song then you must be young or maybe I'm old. It's one of Billy Joel's best. Here it is for you:

Kendall, keep on rockin' out! I love you so very very very much!

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