Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just a box.........

The other day my kids had so much fun in a box. It made me wonder why we buy all these pricey other toys when a simple big box is so much fun. I snapped some snots of the kids in the box of course. A few days later Dan and I were at a vigil for (Auntie) Celine's sister who recently passed away. Celine got up and spoke. To my surprise she talked about one specific memory and that was how much fun her sister and her had playing in a simple box. Her speech made me smile as I could totally imagine Celine and her sister playing in a box just as my kids were!!

Miss Kendall

Hard to believe she'll be 7 in September! These days she likes bossing her brothers around. She mainly bosses Brady around since Chase is still a little young but I've seen her try to boss Chase around too. She is also incredibly picky about her clothes. I'm not allowed to pick anything out for her to wear or she yells "Nooooooo" at me very loudly! Her favorite clothes are skirts and tutu's. She is so girly! She loves to shop for clothes too, too bad I don't! Anyway, here are some pics from a few weeks back of the lovely Miss Kendall!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

We're alive!!

Wow I have posted anything since May. Let's just say summer hit and we've been quite busy! Here are just a few random summer pics! Hope you're enjoying your summer!

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Married mom of 3 not so little ones anymore but they still keep me grinning and giggling(most of the time). Kendall, age 12, Brady age 8 almost 9 and "baby" Chase who is 7. I have been married for 14.5 years to Dan Graff, who I think is the best dad ever to our kids. He certainly makes me grin and giggle to this very day. I have spent my non mom career working in recruiting on and off over the years recruiting Software Engineers. Other than my kids my most favorite thing to do in the entire word is ride horses followed by Kung Fu, where I earned my purple belt last year. I have been riding since I was 8 years old, with some time off here and there but I always go back to it. As Winston Churchill said, "There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man"(or woman in this case)!